Make your headlights shine again

Professional techniques of restoration and headlight protection for all types of cars and motorcycles.

Headlight restoration and protection


    Fast, efficient and economic solution
    to restore shine to your old headlights

    Installation of transparent protection films as
    the most efficient solution to headlight protection

How do headlights get hazy

Over time headlights get hazy, yellowed, and often blurred and murky, which might negatively affect driving in night conditions and distort the overall appearance of the car.

Headlight installed on modern cars and motorcycles are plastic, which make them very sensitive to outdoor conditions.

That is why all headlight manufacturers put special UV protection in order to prevent the negative impact of solar radiation.

However, after several years of exposure to the sun, wind, dust, nicks, as well as due to everyday wear and tear and sudden temperature changes, this protective layer gets damaged, blurred and makes the headlights yellowed.

Headlight restoration and polishing

All damages from the exterior part of the headlight such as blurred, yellowed look and scratches can be removed completely. With professional restoration, old headlights can “look” again and gleam with a new shine.

By polishing headlights from the exterior we can remove oxidation, yellow looks, scratches and increase light intensity, which will make headlights look new again.

For headlight restoration Black Glass uses professional equipment for sensitive surface polishing as well as high-quality 3M paste.

Headlight polishing procedure

Restoration procedure in Black Glass lasts about 20 minutes per headlight, which includes the removal of headlights and implies the following steps:
  1. Protection of car parts around the headlights to prevent damages during the polishing procedure.
  2. Manual cleaning with sandpaper which removes damaged layers of headlights.
  3. Machine polishing of headlight with special machine for sensitive surfaces, which implies the use of several types of polish paste.
  4. Application of UV protection layer based on wax, which prevents headlight damage. In case you want to protect headlights permanently, we would recommend headlight protection films instead of waxing.

Installation of headlight protection films

The most efficient headlight protection from outdoor conditions can be achieved with installation of protection films. These films are becoming more popular because they protect the headlights from dust, salt, sand, dirt and nicks.

High-quality protection films (such as LLumar and Oracal films) are optically crystal clear, so they are practically invisible protection. When installed by certified installers, they keep their clarity appearance and factory shine.

LLumar protection films contain the Self Healing Mechanism. That practically means that you don’t need to change the film when damaged, because it will be self-healed when exposed to sunlight. This film is also used as car paint protection film.

Installation procedure

Black Glass installs protection films on all types of headlights and stoplights. These films are self-adhesive and formed with the heating technique (with fan). 

Protection films are installed on new or just polished headlights. If headlights are damaged we recommend headlight polishing before the installation of protection films.

In case you want to remove or change the film, the procedure is very simple and the headlights remain undamaged.

Headlight protection film procedure in Black Glass takes about 15 min per headlight, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.


Service Warranty Price per headlight (EUR)
Restoration and headlight polishing -
Headlight protection film 5 years