Glasses for cargo vehicles

Professional replacement, repair and installation of the glasses for all types of cargo vehicles, trucks and buses.

Cargo program


    Field service free of charge for
    cargo program on your location


    Professional reparation of smaller
    damages on the windshileds of
    cargo vehicles

    Windshields and side glasses for
    all types of cargo vehicles

Glass replacement on cargo vehicles

Windshields and side glasses for all types of cargo program vehicles represent a very important traffic safety factor. We provide professional reparation for damaged glass, while the repaired glass keeps the same characteristics of a new glass.

If the glass has major damages so that it cannot be repaired, glass replacement is necessary. We offer high-quality glasses of all the leading glass manufacturers for all types of cargo vehicles.

For all types of trucks, buses, mini-buses and vans we make fast and efficient reparation and glass replacement at affordable prices.

Filed service for cargo program

Transporting cargo vehicles might be a problem in the congested city; that’s why our experienced field service team will come to your location. In winter conditions, indoor garage space is needed, while during the summer, when there is no rain, the service can be done in the backyard or in the parking lot.

In case of glass replacement, we will first identify the model of the vehicle in order to deliver a new glass and install it in your location.

Call the field service for cargo program vehicles and our professional team will come to your location and make a reparation or glass replacement with the same quality installation as if it was done in our garage.

Glass replacement procedure

Glass replacement on cargo vehicles usually takes from 1- 3 hours, in order to ensure quality and safe installation. This is really important when you have to glue the glass which takes further time for drying in order to ensure safety.

In the process of glass replacement we use high-quality professional tools and glues which guarantee safe and comfortable driving without unpleasant sounds.

For glass replacement on cargo vehicles Black Glass issues a 10-year warranty.